About the explorARTorium

At the explorARTorium, various levels of information are placed in context, such as title, artist, date of origin, geographical area in which the artwork is created, etc. For a discussion of a work of art it is certainly beneficial to regard it not only isolated but embedded in a larger context within art history. With the explorARTorium we offer such a presentation, which puts the individual work of art into the center and also invites the visitor to further explore artworks. Another key aspect is the possibility for explorARTorium visitors to assign descriptive keywords (tags) for artworks.

The explorARTorium invites visitors to explore about 16,000 paintings. In each case a single work of art is prominently presented. In addition, other artworks provide contextualisation and are shown as thumbnails to stimulate the curiosity of the visitors and invite them to a further exploration of the image database. Overall, the explorARTorium uses five predefined dimensions of contextualisation.

The first dimension relates to the context of the artist with a presentation of five other artworks. By comparing these works of art, the visitor gets a feeling for the position of the artwork in the oeuvre of the artist.

The second dimension relates to the contextualisation of the subject. In absence of other information we use the title of the artwork as a rough approximation for the image subject. Thus, five other works of art with the same title are offered as context. Displaying these images enables the visitor to get an insight into the iconographic program of the image subject.

In the third dimension, the geographic region used to contextualise the artwork. Through the examination of this dimension, the visitors learn about the tradition in painting of the region and their thematic emphases.

The fourth dimension is devoted to the theme. Since there are no other restrictions regarding space and time, the visitors experience regional and temporal development of a particular theme.

The last of the predefined dimensions of the context is reserved to show paintings of the same time period.

The following dimension presents a random selection of five paintings from the image database. This allows the visitors of the explorARTorium to escape from the currently presented context. This dimension may be used by the visitors to discover artworks that are described with the same user-generated keywords.

Finally, the last dimension shows the history of the artworks seen by the visitor. This allows the visitor to return to a particular painting and to examine it again.

Your feedback, questions and remarks regarding the explorARTorium is highly appreciated: vsem@ec.tuwien.ac.at

The VSEM Team

General information:
This platform is maintained as part of the research project "The Virtual 3D Social Experience Museum" funded by FWF (Austrian Science Fonds), project number L602. The tags that you provide will eventually be integrated into a 3D information landscape model. We do not store other information about you except for your IP-address, access time, your user name, the tags that you provide, and the rating that you provide. The platform will store a cookie on your machine with the only intention to suggest the same user name again when you return.